First stop Barcelona!

I was there about 1,5 days total. Arrived in the afternoon, location scouting in the evening, shooting the next day and left on the second day in the morning. My trips weren't vacations unfortunately.

Always do locations scouting when you plan an outdoor shoot. Even better when you can scout the place several times so you know exactly where the sun is to which time. I like to just walk around and take pictures of all the spots I like. I make sure to screenshot my location on google maps so I'll find it again later.  Then I put together I nice little map pointing out all the spots I decided to shoot at.

Team picture! I love my teams <3 Great pictures come from great teams.


from left to right: Ornella (Stylist), Antonia (Assistant), Silvia (MuA), Paola (Model), Joella (Model), me :D , Selda (Hairstylist)

Selda is a good friend of mine. Me met each other 4 years ago in New York and this was the first time we got together since then. So glad it worked out :) I dare say friendships with artists in the same field are different than other ones. You'll always have a reason to get together and they're a great outlet for all the arty thoughts you build up in your head.