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What is #FilterFashion?

With #FilterFashion the photographer Silke Schlotz wanted to create pictures in which the main piece of the art is something that the viewer knows and may have used themselves. Her goal is to deepen the connection from art to spectator.

Everybody is using social media, she wanted to bring social media into real life and fused Snapchat's palette with her own creativity.

Why use Snapchat?

Snapchat is the first social media and messaging app that provides so much creative freedom. The project wouldn’t have been possible with any other social media cause in Snapchat, every selfie can be turned into art.

There’re all these options with stickers, filters, face masks, paint pen and text, that whatever simple message someone may have, they can put their own creative twist on it. 

For artists it’s the best playground. 

Every snap is a canvas.

Why use Location filters? 

As most photographers, Silke loves any chance to travel and shoot in different places. Location filters allowed her to create something tangible. 

Nothing brings people together better than social media and travelling.  

What's next?

#FilterFashion can be done by anyone. Use your phone, check which location filters Snapchat offers in your city. Dress up yourself or your friend inspired by the filters' design and colors and create your own #FilterFashion artwork!